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Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading tonantzin guadalupe. Scholars contend it may be the earliest written version of the account of juan diego and the occurrences at the hill of tepeyac. First she caused herself to be seen by an indian named juan diego, poor but worthy of. It was written in 1545, fourteen years after the guadalupe event of december 9 to 12, 1531. Nican mopohua the oldest narrative of the apparitions of our. Ican mopohua here is the account, in its proper order, of how quite recently, miraculously, there appeared the perfect virgin holy mary, mother of god, our queen, at the tepeyac hill, known as guadalupe.

Nican mopohua the oldest narrative of the apparitions of. Nican mopohua page 1 art and literature for catholics. Most authorities, including edmundo ogorman, agree on this and. Tonantzin guadalupe y juan diego cuauhtlatoatzin, semillas. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Tonantzin guadalupemiguel leonportilla, tonantzin guadalupe. Documentos mestizos sobre las apariciones aci prensa.

Nican mopohua, motecpana, in quenin, yancuican, huey tlamahuizoltica, monexiti in cenquizca ichpochtli sancta maria dios inantzin tocihuapillatocatzin, in oncan tepeyacac, motenehua guadalupe. Huei tlamahuitzoltica nahuatl, langues huei tlamahuicoltica nahuatl, langues huey tlamahuizoltica nahuatl. The real significance of the nican mopohua held at the new york public library is its possible date of authorship. Nican mopohua, the original xvi century guadalupes apparitions story. Antonio valeriano 15201605 traduit du nahualt a lespagnol par le pere mario rojas sanchez en 1995.

The account of juan diego and his efforts to carry out the apparitions wishes to build a shrine on the hill is known as the nican mopohua thus it is said, after its opening words, and it has been understood for centuries to be the definitive account of what happened. The second section, the nican mopohua here is recounted constitutes the narrative in nahuatl of the apparitions, including the virgins apparition to st. Nican mopohua complete text in english our lady in spanish. Leonportilla suggests, that there is in the nican mopohua an exposition of key ideas in christian thinking, wrapped up in the language and form conceived from the world of the nahua. Descarga libro tonantzin guadalupe pensamiento nahuatl y. Here it is told, and set down in order, how a short time ago the perfect virgin holy mary mother of god, our queen, miraculously appeared out at tepeyac. Nican mopohua, motecpana, in quenin yancuican hueytlamahuizoltica monexiti in cenquizca ichpochtli sancta maria dios inantzin tocihuapillatocatzin, in oncan tepeyacac, motenehua guadalupe. Nican mopohua here is told and set down in order how a short time ago.

All written narrations about the apparitions of the lady of guadalupe are inspired by the nican mopohua, or huei tlamahuitzoltica, written in nahuatl, the aztec language, by the indian scholar antonio valeriano around the middle of the sixteenth century. First, she allowed herself to be seen by a little macehual indian, by the name of juan diego. The autos reflect only spanish christian thinking, while the main characteristic of the nican mopohua is the exceptional blending of the best of two cultures. Studies, devotional literature, pictures and even web sites abound.

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