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Following up on his wildly popular guide to thruhiking the appalachian trail in appalachian trials, zach davis has teamed up with 2015 pct thruhiker carly moree to bring readers the ultimate psychological and emotional guide to prepare for the pacific crest trail. It is approximately 2650 miles long, and it stretches from the canadian border to the mexican border. Thats why we design outdoor gear that makes it easier for active families to share countless adventures together. The pacific crest trail a hikers companion is not a step by step guide to the pct. A beginners guide to the pacific crest trail halfway. Cheryl strayed hiked 1100 miles along the pacific crest trail in a bid to escape her demons.

So let no puddle go unsplashed, no flat stone unskimmed. Following the successful the appalachian trail, and new york times bestseller americas great hiking trails, this is the official book on one of americas most. A bit of that magic is captured in each of the pacific crest trail books that have been published. Oprah winfrey, on wild, first selection of her book club 2. Author cheryl strayed hikes the pacific crest trail in. Mileages, landmarks, facilities, resupply data, and essential trail information for the entire pacific crest trail, from mexico to canada. At pacific trail, we love to awaken the pioneering spirit in everyone. The book even shines a light on the mysterious clinton c. It seemed like one minute was the diagnosis and the next she was gone. Guidebooks to the pacific northwest national scenic trail. Pacific crest trail data book section a mexican border. With over 200 maps, this comprehensive guide provides indepth coverage of the pacific crest trail pct from the mexican border to tuolumne meadows in yosemite national park. Pacific crest trail pocket atlas pacific crest trail.

Wherever strayeds trail through life may lead from here, you turn the last page of wild convinced that a new life and the approach of middle age have actually lightened her load. The pacific crest national scenic trail pct offers a spectacular footpath tracing a route from the southern california desert to the snowbound mountains of the washingtoncanada border. Though theyll help you prepare for the hike, youll likely be leaving these at home when you start your hike. When choosing a guidebook to the pnt, consider the date of publication.

Fortunately for the reader, its also a recipe for a spectacular book. Guidebook to the pacific crest trail pct, an epic 2650mile hike from californias mexican border to canadas british columbia. Changes to the trail corridor of the pnt can occur frequently and choosing a guidebook that is revised annually, such as the pacific northwest trail digest, is recommended. Today, over 7,500 backpackers hike the west coast trail every year. Written by 2 people who wholeheartedly love the trail and return year after year to hike and it shows. With the new 5th edition pacific crest trail pocket atlas you can carry a complete set of topographic maps and trail data in your pocket. Pcta is the only organization dedicated to preserving the entire trail and the experiences it provides so that you and others have a wild place for personal reflection. Earlier this month, legions of longdistance hikers gathered near the mexican border and set off on the 2,650mile pacific crest trail. Top 10 longdistance hiking trails in the us travel the guardian. At age 22, strayed had been devastated by the lung cancer death of. The pct is about beautiful landscapes, among other things.

To say that the pacific crest trail is a long hike would be an understatement. Official pacific crest trail book the pacific crest. There the author shared the story of her long walk toward redemption along the pacific crest trail. Yet for a book critic tears are an occupational hazard. Rattlesnakes and bald eagles is an account of chriss 1982 thruhike of the epic pacific crest trail. The best travel books for when youre stuck at home cnn. Yogis pacific crest trail handbook this is the pct guide book for preparing for a thruhike. A bit of that magic is captured in each of the pacific crest trail books that have been published over the decades. Famous roads like route 66, pacific coast highway, and the blue ridge parkway highlight scenic landscapes via paved highway. Continue your wild journey by joining the pacific crest trail association. For five months i hiked through the california desert, the snows of the sierra nevada, and the cascade mountains of oregon and washington. Proud to say that we have hiked a miniscule portion of this amazing trail got the.

Along its 2,650mile length stretching from canada to mexico, the pct winds through five national monuments, six national parks, five state parks, 25 national forest units, and 48 federal wilderness areas. Rather it is an overview type of guide, designed to tell you the things the state guides leave out. This is the 6th edition of the national outdoor book award winner pacific crest trail. Official pacific crest trail book pacific crest trail association. Few of us will ever undertake this epic adventure, but this book might just inspire you to do it.

One april morning i left the mexico border and walked north on the pacific crest trail. This is not a book about hiking the pacific crest trailthere are other books to be found if that is what you are wanting. The pullmanstandard built pacific trail was ordered by union pacific in 1950 and numbered 5430 when placed into general servicemeaning it would serve where needed on trains all over the system. They represent immense passion and dedication toward this inspiring trail.

If you are looking a book about personal growth, recovery and triumph, then wild would be an excellent book for you. From lost to found on the pacific crest trail oprahs book club 2. Former bbc correspondent simon willis charts an emotional course through high mountains, baking deserts and personal tragedy. Join her as she leaves city life behind and ventures into realms of the deep unknown. Exploring americas wilderness trail is the third book in the bestselling trail series by rizzoli. In the book and movie, cheryl strayed chooses to hike the pacific crest trail alone after the haunting loss of her mother bobbi academy award actress in supporting role nominee, laura dern to cancer. Her books have been translated into forty languages, and her essays and other writings have appeared in numerous publications. Source for trail and site information or just talk about your favorite trail pacific northwest trail data book section 1 rocky mountains glacier np to lake koocanusa. From lost to found on the pacific crest trail, which was the first selection for oprahs book club 2. From lost to found on the pacific crest trail is a 2012 memoir by american author cheryl strayed, describing her 1,100mile hike on the pacific crest trail in 1995 as a journey of selfdiscovery. There is just something about the pct that catches you. After years of reckless behavior, a heroin addiction and the destruction of her marriage, strayed makes a rash decision to hike the trail with. Tamed, by anne elizabeth oregan, is an intimate portrayal of one womans journey through a myriad of internal and external landscapes while backpacking alone in the wilderness. The pct is about beautiful landscapes, among other.

This category is for the resources that are best read before you even get on trail. How coronavirus affects hikers on the pacific crest trail. Mileages, landmarks, facilities, resupply data, and essential trail information for the entire pacific crest trail. The pacific crest trail is a challenging 2,650 mile 4,265 kilometer trek through california, oregon, and washington. Cheryl strayeds brutally honest 2012 memoir wild recounts her threemonth hike along the pacific crest trail, which runs 2,650 miles from the mexican to canadian borders, after the heartbreaking. Tehachapi pass, california pacific crest trail association. Washington breaks down the states more than 500 miles of the pct into stunning routes that you can knock off in four days, a week, or more with tami asars, one of the states most experienced hikers. Wild powerfully captures the terrors and pleasures of one young woman forging ahead against all odds on a journey that maddens, strengthen, and ultimately heals her. These fees help support the cost of operating the west coast trail e. From lost to found on the pacific crest trail vintage. Cheryls mother who she was close with, comes down with cancer. They represent immense passion and dedication toward this. Buy a cheap copy of the pacific crest trail book by jeffrey p.

We wanted to catalog all of the pacific crest trail books ever written because theyre worth it. All you ever wanted to know about this famed 2,650 mile route from mexico to canada is tucked inside this official trail book, published. She is the author of numerous hiking and cycling guidebooks for the western u. From lost to found on the pacific crest trail is at once a breathtaking.

An alternate cover for this isbn can be found here. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. Pacific crest trail data book, distances, elevation profiles, climate, resupply and more. Reading a book about the trail is one thing, but dont expect any book out there to teach you how to successfully hike the pct. Then the widening coronavirus crisis dashed their dreams and. Every year the pacific crest trail pct receives thousands of hikers, adventurers, and nature seekers from all over the world. With absolutely no experience, driven only by sheer determination, cheryl hikes more than a thousand miles of the pacific crest trail, alone. Enjoy free shipping and easy returns every day at kohls. Instead, the bulk of this book takes place on the california segment of the trail. Exploring the history of the pacific crest trail the trek. The pacific crest trail extends for a whopping 2,650 miles from mexico to canada, forging an unbroken footpath through three statescalifornia, oregon, and washington. Ask people how much they spent hiking the pct and the answers vary.

Built as a longdistance chair car, it featured plenty of leg room. As we see it, thats whats great about the great outdoors. How much does it cost to hike the pacific crest trail. No book about the pacific crest trails amazing history would be complete without vivid photography. From lost to found on the pacific crest trail by cheryl strayed, mile 445 by claire henley miller, thruhikin. This complete path guide will be useful both in preparation and during your hike, whether youre going two and a half miles or the full two and a half thousand miles. Wild movie and book pacific crest trail association. Whether youre planning to hike the entire pacific crest trail through oregon and washington, or just a section or two, this is an essential guide to the sometimes. The resources listed above will do a better job of giving you a more realistic and accurate look at what the pacific crest trail is like.

Overnight visitors to the west coast trail must purchase a west coast trail overnight use permit and have a valid national park entry pass. The daughter of washington state conservation icon ira spring, vicky spring grew up on the trails of the pacific northwest. Pacific crest trail hikes from wild movie and book by cheryl strayed tehachapi pass, california cheryl strayeds first wild footsteps. These books will make you want to thruhike the pct. In this new pacific crest trail book, explore an indepth history of the trail and more than 250 photographs that bring the trail. She walked the pacific crest trail to find forgiveness, came back with generosityand now she. Advice on love and life from dear sugar, a national best seller now the basis of the wbur podcast dear sugar radio, cohosted. From lost to found on the pacific crest trail by cheryl strayed. Mileages, landmarks, facilities, resupply data, and essential trail information for the entire pacific crest trail, from mexico to canada go, benedict on. Wild by cheryl strayed, a walkabout of reinvention the new york. The book also contains flashbacks to prior life occurrences that led her to begin her journey.

The best pacific crest trail resources halfway anywhere. Wild from lost to found on the pacific crest trail. This guide will prepare you for hiking and surviving this spectacular wilderness experience. Wild, a hiking memoir by cheryl strayed the new york times. But what about those who want to venture off the pavement but stay on wheels. It crosses over deserts and tunnels through forests, travels across glaciated mountain passes, and. It follows the 20 national outdoor book award winner, the appalachian trail, and new york times bestseller americas great hiking trails.

Written while hiking the pct this book reveals, moment by moment, what it smells, tastes and above all, feels like to walk from mexico to canada. She then decides to hike the pacific crest trail despite zero hikingwilderness experience. Crossing through california, oregon, and washington, the pct passes through twentyfive national forests and seven national parks. Exploring americas wilderness trail is the painstakingly researched and thoughtful written history of the trail, of the men and women who dreamed it up, expanded it, and continue to fight for it. The pacific crest trail pct is a 2,600 mile 4,286 km trail that runs from the usmexico border all the way into british columbia, canada. Pacific crest trail california 2020 all you need to. Iconic trails like the pacific crest trail and appalachian trail showcase our countrys natural beauty via hiking. But it also provides the opportunity to experience peace, joy, love, reflection, accomplishment, and transformation.

Shop for pacific crest trail books and maps at rei free shipping on all orders. Pacific crest trail is a stunning visual trek into the stillwild west as john muir experienced it more than a century ago, from unchanged deserts to the sierras granitebound lakes to the rainforests of the pacific northwest. Reese witherspoons wild movie, featuring the pacific. The book utilizes the same principles that has made appalachian trials the most popular resource amongst at thruhikers.

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