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Butterflies are not only beautiful, but they partake in such dramatic developmental transitions during that students cant help but be engaged. Many times in preschool classrooms life cycle studies focus on frogs and butterflies. The kids love this activity every year and learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Also includes links to loads of other butterfly crafts, stem activities, and more. This fivepart life cycle includes eggs, a caterpillar, a pupa, a butterfly emerging from the pupa, and an adult monarch butterfly. Trace the letters improve handwriting skills while learning to spell. Butterflies lesson plans and themes from the teachers guide.

I have been teaching kindergarten for several years and have recently started implementing some philosophies from reggio emilia into my classroom. It has spaces to record the caterpillars growth, the. And this spring and summer they can observe the life cycle of a butterfly up close, go to a butterfly garden, or use these butterfly themed worksheets to practice a variety of math and literacy skills whether you are a parent, teacher, homeschooler, or daycare you will love these free worksheets for toddler, preschool, pre k. This post was originally published on march 12, 2015 and has since been updated. Butterfly book for kids fun facts about caterpillar to butterfly life cycle, chrysalis, butterfly pictures and the monarch butterfly kindle edition by esimai, ifeanyi. Others are simply delightful stories about butterflies to enjoy with your children. The book and lesson are also available for levels k and n. These two forms of the same creature provide opportunities for children to learn about insect life cycles and develop compare and contrast skills. Students will lift up the chrysalis to see the butterfly inside and sort foods caterpillars can and cannot eat. The life of a butterfly by robin bernard hd youtube. As mentioned previously on the blog, my students were totally inspired by the book tap the magic tree by christie matheson you can read about it in books that inspire young authors. Heres a simple butterfly life cycle printable book for preschoolers. The pieces on the bottom are mixed up so students are able to. There are also many activities for the older children in grades 1 3.

Journal pages to record the process if they actually do butterflies. Oct 12, 2017 adorable butterfly book shows the life cycle of butterflies in coloring book style pictures. Assembling the butterfly sensory bottles for preschool. Glue illustrations of the 4 stages of a butterfly on the left side of a paper and then the corresponding pasta pieces directly next to them. Free butterfly life cycle printables and crafts homeschool. Teach them the four stages of a butterfly s life this spring. The book can also be used to teach students how to sequence events in a text and how to apply subjectverb agreement. Mar 27, 2015 let children make their own book with this butterfly life cycle printable its free. Our butterfly resources are a beautiful addition to your thematic unit. Staple the pages together at the left of the page, then read the book, fill in the missing letters, and copy the sentence. This is another fictional book that weaves in the life cycle of a butterfly into the main plot. Its perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Butterfly life cycle printables from raise the bar reading. They also cut and paste the correct picture to match each stage. Talk with your preschoolers about the butterfly life cycle. Definitely doing this craft and science project in one. Create and read the butterfly life cycle mini book.

Jul 28, 2015 in this sciencebased reading and writing lesson plan, first and second graders will explore a butterflys life cycle and related vocabulary with the help of eric carles the very hungry caterpillar. The life cycle of a butterfly lesson plan education. Informational nonfiction, 233 words, level h grade 1, lexile 480l multilevel book also available in levels k and n a monarch butterfly changes from egg to caterpillar, then to pupa, and finally to butterfly in the butterfly life cycle. Butterfly and caterpillar activities, lessons, games, crafts, and printables for preschool and kindergarten. Free printable butterfly journal for preschool or kindergarten aged kids. Apr 19, 2018 its time to get outside and explore for our little ones.

Butterfly life cycle paper plate craft buggy and buddy. Apr 15, 2018 let children make their own book with this butterfly life cycle printable its free. When it came time to design some provocations for the writing table for our butterfly project, i was thinking about how i could give the children an opportunity to show their learning about the butterfly life cycle. It has spaces to record the caterpillars growth, the dates of events in the life cycle, predictions, and questions. This fun book will take you through the butterfly life cycle. Perfect for an insect or butterfly theme, science extension, or more. Children are naturally fascinated with beautiful butterflies. On their illustrations of the life cycle of the butterfly, these students will be required to. This flip book is a great activity that helps students gain a better understanding of the butterfly life cycle.

In addition, children are introduced to the story of the very. This 90page unit will teach your prek, kindergarten, or first grade students about the butterfly life cycle through science and literacy activities. This pack includes butterfly life cycle lesson plans, writing activities, worksheets, craft, leveled books, centers materials, and more. All worksheets are created by experienced and qualified teachers. When charlie starts kindergarten the next year he becomes a butterfly scientist as well and helps his teacher and classmates care for some teeny tiny caterpillars as they grow into butterflies and are released by charlie and his class. Grab your butterfly life cycle mini book by clicking the button below. In this book, velma is the third gratch sister and is trying to make a name for herself in first grade. Once the butterfly is ready to emerge, the case around the pupa splits open. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

The life cycle of a monarch butterfly is described from its egg stage through adulthood using wonderful photographs and simple text. How to make butterfly life cycle sensory bottles for preschool. Butterfly life cycle mini book freebie the primary post. Plus add in handson activities, butterfly life cycle crafts, and free life cycle printables. You can also find word search and crossword puzzles at our butterfly games and puzzles page. I created this free mini book to go along with your. Label each life cycle stage, but the words will be on the paper with the letter formed by dots that the students will have to trace with pencils or markers. Apr 15, 2016 butterfly life cycle book we always read a number of picture books about the butterfly life cycle, but one of my favorites is from caterpillar to butterfly by deborah heiligman. See more ideas about butterfly life cycle, life cycles and kindergarten science. Sparse text makes for an easy reader or easy memorizer and coloring makes excellent fine motor exercise.

Here are some butterfly lesson plans, curricula, teaching tools and more. I made the free hatching butterflies observation notebook to go along with our butterfly unit. Lets explore a butterflys life cycle in detail, including all four stages of life. When your caterpillars arrive, set them in a safe place where they can be observed by your preschoolers. The butterfly waits for its wings to dry, and pumps a liquid called hemolymph into them so that they become big and strong. Large selection of free butterfly coloring pages from. The butterfly life cycle the butterfly life cycle the butterfly life cycle the butterfly life cycle. Print out the following pages to make the life cycle of a butterfly shape book, an early reader book for young readers. Have the students each page in half along the dotted line. Life cycle of a painted lady butterfly printable from super coloring. Students will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and successfully know the four stages egg, caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly of the butterfly cycle. Talk with your preschoolers about the butterfly life. Students fill in the blanks on each page which will help them comprehend the stages.

The butterfly goes through a process called metamorphosis. Butterfly life cycle hats what an awesome science activity for preschool or kindergarten. Butterfly life cycle activities science, butterfly life cycle lesson plans, life cycle of a butterfly activities for preschool, life cycle of a butterfly activities for. Use these worksheets to help students learn about the butterflys life cycle stages. The four stages in metamorphosis are egg, larva, pupa, and adult butterfly. Pass out the life cycle of a butterfly worksheet and have students complete it independently. My kindergarten students have been able to absorb accurate information and they enjoy reading this book to the younger students in our mixedage montessori classroom. In this fun spring craft for kids, children will illustrate the butterfly life cycle right onto a paper plate. Best animal life cycle books for prek and kindergarten.

Butterfly lesson plans butterfly life cycle curricula. You can skip this step, we just wanted to add some color to our craft. Jun 03, 2015 the very hungry caterpillar animated film. Use these worksheets to help students learn about the butterflys life cycle. Materials and preparation related books andor media key terms learning. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading butterflies. A collection of butterfly activities and the butterfly life cycle. The life cycle of the butterfly free lesson plans by. I highly recommend bringing in live caterpillars to study and learn from during your unit study. Children are introduced to terms such as butterfly, chrysalis, and caterpillar and provided sentence stems to help them. Students will identify and describe the stages of the butterfly life cycle. Each stage has a different goal for instance, caterpillars need to eat a lot, and adults need to reproduce. Cut out the circle and glue it in the center of your paper plate.

Click on the the core icon below specified worksheets to see connections to the common core standards initiative. The curious kindergarten welcome to the curious kindergarten, a blog about the discoveries my students and i make in our fullday kindergarten. Butterfly life cycle preschool, kindergarten, grade 1. Butterfly life cycle printable book for preschool and. Some of these butterfly books teach about the life cycle. Velma learns what makes her unique and different from her sisters, and learns all about butterflies in the process. These butterfly books for preschool incorporate important subjects and skills including math, science, and visual discrimination. Butterfly life cycle printables learning about butterflies might be my students favorite lesson of the entire year. Your student or child will be able to count, learn about the transformation of a metamorphosis, and enjoy gods creation. This activity is a perfect science activity for kindergarten and first grade kids this spring. A monarch butterfly changes from egg to caterpillar, then to pupa, and finally to butterfly in the butterfly life cycle. Learning about life cycles is a great way to jumpstart some handson learning in the classroom.

From egg to maturity, a visual guide to 23 common garden butterflies. I created this free mini book to go along with your butterfly unit. I have who has game to recreate the butterfly life cycle 10. Use these worksheets to help students learn about the butterfly s life cycle stages. Youll find free printable butterfly l ife cycle charts, minibooks, sequencing cards, coloring pages, classroom projects and more. Butterfly life cycle kindergarten by simply kinder tpt. One of my favorite spring activities in the classroom is getting butterfly larvae so we can watch them grow and change into butterflies. Exploring the life cycle my wonderful world the life cycle of a butterfly life cycles caterpillar to butterfly. A butterfly starts as an egg or caterpillars become butterflies. A great addition to any spring, bug theme or life cycle theme this spring with preschool and kindergarten kids. Adorable butterfly book shows the life cycle of butterflies in coloring book style pictures. The best butterfly life cycle activities for kids, teach your kids about the butterfly life cycle in a fun, educational way. This free butterfly life cycle cutandpaste worksheet is a fun science activity for elementary students.

Let children make their own book with this butterfly life cycle printable its free. This is a beautifully illustrated book describing the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. The best butterfly life cycle activities for kids natural. This post also contains a free printable template to help get you started.

Free butterfly life cycle worksheet cut and paste write or cut out and paste the life cycle in order. To enrich your own butterfly experience, ive made a printable butterfly journal to share with you. A butterflys life time for kids nonfiction readers caterpillar to butterfly science for toddlers butterflies. Pasta life cycle of a butterfly craft using pasta, children create a life cycle of a butterfly chart. This story begins with a classroom of students excited for their new addition a caterpillar. But its not time for take off just yet, as the wings are at first wet, soft and wrinkled against its body. Instruct students to jot down the main topic on the back of their worksheet e. Its a perfect addition to a life cycle unit, spring science activity or homeschool project. We decided to have one bottle for each stage of the butterfly life cycle. Order a butterfly kit to have all the supplies you need to raise a group of butterflies. After listening to the story read aloud, students will use their knowledge to create their own butterfly life cycles. Designed for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade.

The pages are formatted for you to use only the words you need. Life of cycle butterfly worksheet butterfly life cycle. Crawl and fly into springtime with this theme on caterpillars and butterflies. Butterflies lesson plans and thematic units teachers guide to creating a school butterfly garden the ideas and information in this section come from an article written by jennifer goodwin smith in the january 1995 issue of science and children p. Butterfly life cycle printable reader, poem and craft from one sharp punch. Butterfly life cycle printable book for preschool and kindergarten. It has information on the butterfly lifecycle, facts about butterflies, and space for your child to write observations andor pictures along your scientific process. Life cycle of a butterfly printable to use with noodles from the hildebrands. The 10 best butterfly books for preschoolers preschool mom. There are also art, math, language arts, and geography extensions that can be used with this lesson. The tiny shells are the butterfly eggs, the rotini represents caterpillars, the regular shells are chrysalises, and the bowtie pasta.

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