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Pdf sacred leaves of brazilian candomble researchgate. Jul 27, 2016 candomblea unique religion posted on july 27, 2016 by gala20 calandus, a religious practice known today as candomble, is an africanbrazilian religion that originated from the forced imposition of the catholic religion on african slaves during the colonial era. The yoruba religion also referred to as ifa religion is the traditional religious concepts and practices of the yoruba people, is found primarily in southwestern nigeria and the adjoining parts of benin, commonly known as yorubaland. The development of yoruba candomble communities in salvador. Nov 29, 2019 the yoruba religion includes the concept of ashe, a powerful life force possessed by humans and divine beings alike. Religion berghahn books, 2005 and black atlantic religion. Other religions macumba, candomble, umbanda and santeria bear many similarities to vodun. Even though the slaves who were taken from africa were stripped of every aspect of their daytoday lives, they still managed to transfer their culture and belief system to the new world. Parallels candomble, an afrobrazilian religion, has been widely practiced by people of african descent in brazil but mostly in secret. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will. Y yoruba religion introduction stefania capone yoruba religion is present in. Candomble religion diffused from the yoruba area of west africa to bahia, brazil, via the slave trade. Ashe is the energy found in all natural things much like the catholic saints, the yoruba orishas work as the intermediaries between man and the supreme creator, and the rest of the divine world. The yoruba people are descendants from a variety of west african communities.

In the wake of slavery, afropessimism, and other caustic methods that attempt to thwart african cultural and religious identity, indigenous african religions have had and continue to have an impact in the african diaspora especially the manifestations of the yoruba religion, ifa, which has transcended into other monikers in the pan. Yoruba religion ifa history and interesting facts in 2019. With religion playing such a central role in everyday society, it is no wonder that candomble nago presented the opportunity for a functioning social system for slaves or marginalized others. The orishaworshiping religions are traditions that require initiation rituals for. The religion flourishes in the caribbean, and south america where it has been transplanted along with the peoples who followed this religious path, from africa. Sep 16, 20 brazilian believers of hidden religion step out of shadows. The deities worshipped in the candomble religion and brought to brazil by abducted slaves, especially the yoruba people. The yoruba religion has inf iemanjas themes are foresight, divination and psychic abilities. In africa, these were kings, queens, mythical heroes and other ancestors. Candomble originated in salvador, bahia at the beginning of the 19th century, when the first temple was founded. The lucumi religion is practiced throughout the caribbean, and south america, and north america and its practices vary by the country of origin.

Yoruba religion is the basis for a number of religions in the new world, notably santeria, umbanda, trinidad orisha haitian vodou and candomble. The religion grew popular among slaves because it was a way for yoruba. The ancient mythology of the yoruba people is a major religion in nigeria, claimed by its devotees to be one of the oldest religions in the world and still practiced today. Ifa yoruba religion is practiced not just among the yorubas in nigeria but also throughout west africa, the americas and the canary islands. Choose from 18 different sets of candomble flashcards on quizlet. The traditions found within the religion are primarily of african in origin. It has since brought forth new, modified world religions such as santeria in cuba and candomble in brazil. The enslaved yoruba were brought to the new world through the transatlantic slave trade.

Because candomble is currently dominated by the influence of yoruba religion and deities, comparing features of the brazilian tradition to the dynamics of related. Candomble candomblay a religion based on african traditions with elements derived from christianity, practiced chiefly in brazil. Candomble is a polytheistic religion and worships a number of gods. If there are three things the yoruba are known for besides ifa, it is their style, their food, and their art. Yoruba culture is alive in bahia where the religion of candomble is practiced. During the sixteenth century, bahia was brazils main seaport and the epicenter of the sugar industry and slave trade. It not only incorporates some religious aspects of yoruba, bantu, and fon african societies, but it gradually integrated some characteristics of catholicism as well. Candomble is found in small numbers in uruguay, argentina, venezuela, columbia, germany, italy, portugal and spain. Use of plants for spiritual and medicinal purposes is fundamental to the practice of candomble.

Myths of ife em ingles, por john wyndham, 1921, disponivel em. It also refers to the verses of the literary corpus that is known as odu ifa. Brazilian believers of hidden religion step out of shadows. Ifa is a system of divination and religion of the yoruba people. It is a syncretic religion, meaning that it is a combination of various beliefs. Each group follows a different spiritual path and worships a slightly different pantheon of spirits, called loa.

In brazil, the religion of umbanda was born from the rich interaction of beliefs that latin. Yoruba people, language, religion, tribe, culture, facts the yoruba people are one of the most popular ethnic groups in west africa and africa at large. Unit of study on candomble designed by brenda guevara. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get. Candomble ketu or queto in portuguese is the largest and most influential branch nation of candomble, a religion practiced in brazil, argentina, and uruguay. Candomble, shango, vodun, ifa foundation international and lucumi are just a few of the various forms of orisha worship that are practiced in the americas clark 2007.

Candomble is often seen as a strange and unfamiliar religion, but to those who know its cousins, one of which is the yorubabased santeriawhich hails from cubacandomble will feel vaguely familiar. Yemaya is the yoruba west african goddess of water and life. They are united by geography, history, religion and most importantly language. African influence in brazil evident through candomble religion. The yoruba religion has become widespread throughout the western hemisphere as well as its native africa. Candomble is the most well known of the afrobrazilian religions. Yoruba religion is the basis for a number of religions in the new world, notably santeria, umbanda, trinidad orisha haitian vodou, and candomble. Though there is mention of a good and bad heaven, most followers hope for reincarnation which in this tradition is a good thing, as opposed to say buddhism where its something to be escaped. The yoruba religion comprises the traditional religious and spiritual concepts and practice of. Present day yorubaland birthplace of the yoruba religion.

Yoruba style is called asooke pronounced ahshowkay short for aso ilu oke which literally means clothes from the countryside. Much like the catholic saints, the yoruba orishas work as the intermediaries between man and the supreme creator, and the rest of the divine world. At the core of the religion are the traditional african beliefs of yoruba, fon and bantu. The african slaves who came to bahia brought the candomble religion, which survives today despite prohibitions and persecutions throughout its history in brazil. Nov 19, 2015 candomble meaning dance in honor of the gods is a religion found primarily in brazil with a number of elements derived from african cultures. In a similar manner, umbanda religious ceremonies are an extension of traditional healing sessions still practiced in angola, and vodun religious music among the fon of. Known as today, several africaninspired religions claim lucumis in cuba or nago. In brazil, iemanja is considered the oceans spirit. Candomble is practiced primarily in brazil, and is also practiced in other countries, including argentina, uruguay, paraguay and venezuela, having as many as two million followers. Professor ade dopamu, professor of religion at moi university, kenya, elaborates on various theological issues associated with one of the worlds most influential religions, for yoruba religion claims no less than one hundred million believers worldwide.

In the yoruba religion, yemaya is an orisha, an animistic deity who is a manifestation of one part of god. The yoruba religion includes the concept of ashe, a powerful life force possessed by humans and divine beings alike. In present day west africa, the main countries where yoruba speaking people live are nigeria, togo and benin. Influence of yoruba culture in christian religious worship by odejobi cecilia omobola institute of education, faculty of education, obafemi awolowo university, ileife, osun state, nigeria. The word candomble means ritual dancing or gather in honor of gods and ketu is the name of the ketu region of benin. They were taken from their homes, family, language, and religion and brought to countries like. Vodun, like christianity, is a religion of many traditions. Afrobrazilian religion that is mix of traditiona african religions, european culture, brazilian spiritualism, and catholicism britannica. Candomble is an afrobrazilian religion, that finds its origins in northeast brazil, particularly in the cities of salvador and cachoeira. The book, the bible of the traditional yoruba religion, is 6 x 9, has 271 pp with photographs. Tradition, transnationalism, and matriarchy in the afrobrazilian candomble princeton university press, 2005 by j.

Brazil the music of the candomble religion, for example, can be directly linked to 18th and 19thcentury forms of orisha worship among the yoruba. Candomble also has elements of christianity, particularly of catholicism. The focus of the yoruba religion has never been salvation of any sort, but focuses more on living a great life right now. Influence of yoruba culture in christian religious worship. These gods, deities, mythological protagonists, are called orishas. Jan 19, 20 candomble is a religion found primarily in brazil that is strongly influenced by religions from africa, which came to brazil by means of the slave trade from the 16th to 19th century.

Yoruba religious beliefs are part of itan, the total complex of songs, histories, stories, and other cultural concepts which make up the yoruba society. Candomble, an afrobrazilian religion introduced during the 18th19th centuries by enslaved yoruba, includes various magical and liturgical. Many people have turned to the yoruba religion in this spiritual revolution. Practitioner of this tradition believes in one god, the creator of all things.

This page is best viewed in an uptodate web browser with style sheets css enabled. This book provides detailed instruction of practical usage of ifa by practitioners and nonpractitioners and answers many questions with respect to how to pray the ifa way. Ifa yoruba fundamentals of the yoruba religion orisa worship chief fama. Pdf candomble religion diffused from the yoruba area of west africa to bahia, brazil, via the slave trade. Candomble, afrobrazilian women, and african religiosity in.

The lucumi religion was born in cuba from african and european religious systems. While not all yoruba practice traditional yoruba religion,it continuesto play a major role in the lives of many yoruba. Mollusks of candomble journal of ethnobiology biomed central. Umbanda and candomble as two most important sects of macumba. These are very solid works written from an anthropological perspective with a keen awareness of african yoruba culture. Sep 15, 2009 this page is best viewed in an uptodate web browser with style sheets css enabled. Candomble is an africanbrazilian religion has around two million followers. They are predominantly found in southwestern and northcentral region of nigeria and in some parts of the benin republic and togo. Brazils candomble and its nigerian yoruba roots 2 youtube.

Abstract religion is the strongest element in african culture and exerts great influence upon the conduct of the african people. The yoruba religious system this issue of africa update focuses on yoruba religion. The truth about the ancient african yoruba religion the pan. Yoruba people, language, religion, tribe, culture, facts.

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